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June 17, Close up, it becomes apparent that the tracks are composed of a double image of a weeping woman.

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The imprint of a woman's teeth, accented with a parenthesis of lipstick, is deeply gouged into each of the off-white cakes. Close up, it becomes apparent that the tracks are composed of a double image of a weeping woman.

June 17, In place of a performer, there is a video with text from one of Landois' interviews. Eden, Fort Mill.

As the basis for the piece, Landois conducted interviews with friends and acquaintances ladedo mostly men - who have been to brothels or witnessed the legendary sex shows in Mexican border town red-light districts such as Nuevo Laredo's Boy's Town. And it's OK to do things you wouldn't do at home because you don't have the same kind of relationship with people, or chaf you don't feel like you're going to be held able in some way.

Just who the collector is supposed to be is unclear, but the effect is to humanize the unknown women. It's the unknown - and the unseen - that give Landois' installation The Golden Chqt its visceral kick. Whatever happened, it wasn't good.

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There are even references in pop culture to the donkey show, in movies and stuff like that," says the year-old artist, who has a a fre gay chat degree in painting and women and gender studies from UTSA and a master's degree in sculpture and new media from the University of Pennsylvania.

Currently on exhibit at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Centerthe show with video explores the sex trade, masculinity and the tourist mentality along the Texas-Mexico border.

Posted by Shawnda Assistance Me Out? The title of the show alludes to one such spectacle involving bestiality. A stage trimmed in shiny red fringe sits empty.

Most Popular. Before ipostnaked chat, however, the viewer must confront Trophy, a sculpture composed of four bars of soap mounted on wooden ovals.