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Boarding-school, c. Boarding-scholars, c. Bob, c. It's all bob, c. Cheated, Trick'd, Disappointed, or Baulk'd.

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Bog-houses, Privies. Buttock-broker, a Bawd, also a Match-maker. Bonny-clapper, sower Butter-milk. Buntlings, c. Burre, a Hanger on, or Dependant. Bullet-headed, a dull silly Fellow. Carted-Whore, Whipt publickly, and packt out of Town.

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Bully-fop, c. Bone, c.

A meer Bounce, a Swaggering Fellow. Buffer, c. Cameleon-Diet, Air, or a very thin slender Diet. Char, a Task pof message sender Work. Breaking Shins, c. Bordel-lo, a Bawdy-House. Boning the Fence, c. Canal Cashapp and OF in link person but the happiest. Bounce, to boast and vapour. Cavaulting School, c. Canting, c.

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Cackling-cheats, c. A bad cast, an ill laid Bowl, or at great distance from the Jack. The Cully is Brusht or Rub'd, c. Captain-Queere-nabs, c.

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Buttock and Twang, or a downright Buttock and sham File, c. Buffoonery, Jesting or playing the Fool's Part. Bob, c. Carrots, Red hair'd People, hpokt the Colour of the well known Root of that Name, whence came Carrot-pated, used in derision. Chub, c he is a young chub, or a meer chub, c. Breast, in the breast of the Judge, what he keeps in Reserve, or Suspence.

Citt, for Citizen. Bung-nipper, c.

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Bristol-milk, Sherry. Bufe, c.

A Tale of a Tub with the Bottom out, a sleeveless frivolous Tale. Bouncer, c. I'll Bone ye, c.

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China-Ale, Otherkin chat room the well known East-Indian [] Waap of that Name, of which they ought to put some, but they seldom do any into it, making it sweet only and adding a little Spice. Boreson or Bauson, a Badger. Box it about Boys, Drink briskly round.

Bowse, c. Captain-sharp, c.

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Chouse, to cheat or trick. He has broke his Boltsprit, he has lost his Nose with the Pox. Bulky, strong like common Oyl, also of large bulk or size. Canterbury, a sort of a short or Hand-gallop; from the Road leading to that famous City of Kent on which they Ride for the most nlw after that manner. Catting, drawing a Transsexual chat line through a Pond with a Cat. How Chear you?

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Chive, c. Buck-fitches, c. A good Char well Char'd, a Work well over. I'll Cap downright, c.

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Cank, c. Bully-trap, c. What Boots it?

Budge, c. As busy as a Hen with one Chick, of one that has a great deal of business and nothing to do Bulchim, a Chubbingly Boy or Lad. Bumbast, see Bombast. Caudge-paw'd, Left Handed.